Make threat intelligence

Whether it’s stopping customer scams, monitoring dark web chatter, or eradicating fake accounts, turning intelligence into action is key. Digital Risk Protection is the foundation for building your cyber intelligence program. DRP provides actionable tactical intelligence, which makes it easier to demonstrate ROI and accelerate remediation. DRP complements your team and helps automate processing of the complicated and burdensome tasks of interpreting, analyzing, and prioritizing intelligence, and then actioning remediation.

Actionable Insights from Integrated DRP and Threat Intelligence

As a DRP leader, ZeroFOX delivers threat intelligence that is highly curated, contextual and fully actionable. As your managed service provider, we understand what is important to you, what groups are targeting you, and what tactics they are using. We are able to produce highly contextualized and fully actionable intelligence to better protect you, integrated within our portal, or via API threat feed or mobile application. Further, ZeroFOX expert research analysts act as an extension of your team to drill down into persistent threats and conduct special investigations.

There is a symbiotic relationship between DRP and Threat Intelligence

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Organizations invest immense resources into social media and their digital presence, which has become the primary engagement method for many individuals and businesses. As organizations adopt these public platforms security teams must understand and address the risks posed by the largest unsecured IT network on earth. Explore the ZeroFOX Platform - watch this 2 minute overview video.

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