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48% Growth in Financial Services Digital Threat Activity | ZeroFOX Analysis

Protect Your Digital-First World

With the rise of digital-first businesses and the rapid shift to a work from anywhere culture, employees are not the only ones reaping the benefits of improved digital platforms. Bad actors are targeting financial services organisations and financial fraud and phishing are increasing fast.

Our latest threat report reveals:

Financial Services Organisations
are Prime Targets for Phishing

ZeroFOX identified over 443,000 phishing domains, almost twice the number identified in 2019. Of those domains, over 75% were hosting live content, actively putting financial customers at risk.

Fraudulent Mobile Apps are on the Rise

ZeroFOX identified nearly 1,500 malicious mobile apps, representing a 3x increase of those identified by ZeroFOX in 2019.

Financial Fraud and Scams Increased 4 Fold

ZeroFOX identified 383,000 scams, representing a 4x increase compared to 2019.

Understand more about these essential trends by reading our latest Threat Report and discover how to disrupt phishing and financial fraud attacks.

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Reduce Risk and Costs Simultaneously

There are now a myriad of ways for financial services organisations to be targeted with cyberattacks. However, help is at hand. By implementing ZeroFOX's solution, your organisation can not only significantly reduce the threat of executive impersonations, but can realise savings in the costs associated with takedowns. Find out how large global financial services organisations are already benefiting through protecting their public attack surfaces with ZeroFOX.

267% ROI after
implementing ZeroFOX
| According to a Large Global Financial Services Company

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Digital risk protection across your entire security posture is no longer optional, but essential. Join our webinar on Wednesday 10th March at 4.00pm to learn how to remediate threats posed to your organisation and your customers.

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"With ZeroFOX, we have a much better understanding of our digital footprint and a full view of our digital risk"
Cyber Security Manager from one of the UK Big 4 Banks

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ZeroFOX's comprehensive Digital Risk Protection platform, protects critical digital assets, accounts and data across the public attack surface. ZeroFOX combines advanced Artificial Intelligence analysis to detect complex threats on the surface, deep and dark web, with fully managed services and automated remediation to disrupt threats.

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Why ZeroFOX

ZeroFOX combines visibility, analysis and remediation to provide security teams with a comprehensive Digital Risk Protection solution:

Advanced AI-Powered

Spot External Threats in Real-Time -
Gain extreme visibility into the entire public attack surface and identify text, image and video-based threats. Monitor critical digital assets across the surface, deep and dark web, social media, mobile app stores, marketplaces and more to identity attacks including phishing, fraud, account takeover and data leakage at scale.

Managed Services and Expert Analysts

Gain the Digital Threat Expertise You Need -
Limit the time and resources spent analyzing and addressing threats by the security team. ZeroFOX's OnWatch™ analysts review every alert within your ZeroFOX Platform so you can prioritize the most critical threats first. The ZeroFOX Alpha Team of researchers are now part of your team and continually optimize the platform for the latest threats.

Automated Remediation and Takedowns

Disrupt Threats Before Harm is Done -
Reduce time to action on critical threats, including removing fraudulent accounts, websites and posts as well as dismantling attacker infrastructure to thwart future attacks.

Tackle Threats Head On - CISOs.
Join our Virtual Roundtable and Whisky Tasting

In these unprecedented times it's more important than ever that the financial services industry stays vigilant in identifying and remediating threats posed to their organisations online.

Facilitated by ZeroFOX CSO Dr.Sam Small, this interactive discussion with Adam Evans, Chief Information Security Officer at Royal Bank of Canada will debate how to best mitigate digital risk and mature your digital risk protection programs. These important discussions will be followed by an exclusive whisky tasting experience and we’d love you to join for a few fine drams.

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This intimate roundtable on Thursday 18th February at 4.30pm will answer your key questions on:

  • Why financial services organisations are prime targets for phishing
  • How to effectively address targeted phishing and fraud campaigns
  • Educating your user base and identifying gaps in your security stack
  • Developing a mitigation strategy

Join our virtual whisky tasting masterclass

Join renowned world whisky awards judge Felipe Schrieber, who will be hosting an exclusive (optional) whisky tasting with you.

Interactive and fun, but also extremely informative (including a section called 'pretentious bluffing tips to make you sound like a whisky expert’), we’d love you to join us. Register now and we will send you Felipe’s hand-picked selection of fine whisky in advance.


A London-based drinks writer, Felipe writes about whisky as a senior contributor to Forbes, as well as other publications. A judge for the world whisky awards and the world cognac awards, his book, London Cocktails, was published by cider mill press and distributed by Simon and Schuster in October 2020.