Finance’s Biggest Security Blind Spot

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Financial institutions and the customer have migrated to external, uncontrolled channels, like social networks, collaboration tools and mobile apps, to engage & support customers, recruit new employees and drive business development.

Few FinServ security teams incorporate these numerous threat vectors and data sources into their threat model. Cybercriminals happily exploit these social & digital channels, where vulnerable businesses and customers engage but security teams have zero visibility, zero controls and zero ability to remediate.

In this webinar, ZeroFOX Chief Product Officer Brian Reed and Senior Security Data Scientist Phil Tully will explore how latest attacks are damaging financial institutions on social media & digital channels:

    • CEO impersonations on LinkedIn releasing malware disguised as company news
    • Credentials compromised via Slack being sold on deep and dark web
    • Spoofed Twitter & LinkedIn company accounts defrauding your customers & job applicants
    • Spoofed Facebook accounts spearphishing your employees
    • Social chatter on physical threats against executives and business locations
    • Employees leaking sensitive corporate data & violating compliance
    • Criminal Organizations targeting employees that perform wire transfers